beer Pump

Pump clips are often the reason people buy new beer which they haven’t seen before. The name of the beer will often reflect the type of beer and the pump clip should tell the story or history of the beer or illustrate a creative name.

Craft beer is becoming popular among younger people and companies are revamping their designs to appeal to this audience. An example of a ‘trendy craft ale is Brew dog’ which has created a punk style beer which I have seen in many new restaurants and bars.

Marston’s have also re branded, using bright colours, interesting illustrations, and an ecperimental layout to draw in a new audience

The name and type of beer influences the design. For example Brewdog has a beer called ‘nanny state’. This has a very low alcoholic percentage associating it with an overprotective authoritarian aesthetic. The punk Brewdog branding could be disapproving of a low alcohol percentage so maybe is hinting that this is the beer for people who need to be responsible.

The beer name I was given was ‘Dark Horse’ which is a stout beer. A lot of stout beers have very dark logos like ‘Black Wytch’ by Wytchwood. However I wanted my beer logo to be eye catching so you would see it immediately at the bar. This is why I chose a yellow background but still kept a black horse in the image to continue with the dark aesthetic of stout beer

I felt that using a horses head would have been to predictable, I chose to do the front legs as it suggests it is a new look on a traditional brand. The phrase dark horse has connotations of being mysterious but overall ending up being the best. Not including the face of the horse adds this obscurity. Furthermore you can tell the horse is rearing suggesting strength. This shows that it is a powerful dark beer with a high alcoholic percentage.

I chose the type as it is more contempary and fun appealing to a younger audience.

This was one of the first briefs we had at the start of the year. I remember struggling with the adobe software and not knowing how to use it. Its good to look back on this one day brief and see how far i have come with the software. I feel like I have greatly progressed over the course of this first year. For a one day brief on a subject I didn’t understand, I think this beer pump was a good effort.

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