Data visualisation

Find a subject that interests you, and research it to find some data, facts, and figures you can visualise. Once the data is clearly defined then visualise it in a way that makes it easy and engaging for the viewer.

For this project, we had to visualise some data that we found interesting. I chose to do a timeline of David Bowie’s life, albums, and top 20 singles. The colour scheme is inspired by Bowie’s most famous persona ‘Ziggy Stardust’. Whilst I am a fan of Bowie’s music, I thought that this would be an interesting graphic to due to the popularity of Bowie since his death. I imagine that people would want to know about the singles that shaped his success.


Scaled in Miles is a project by Fathom (an information design company) to pay tribute to Miles Davis and the collaborations throughout his career. Their project includes a poster and interactive website depicting the musicians, instruments, Dates, and places each session was recorded. Despite such a large amount of data being displayed, both visuals maintain a minimalist look and simple blue colour palate. I particularly like the layout of the still image as the use of bars and lines look like the layout of a digital audio workstation like garage band.

These graphics have influenced my design to have a musical theme. Therefore, I used the sound wave recordings of the tracks that got into the top 20 in the charts. I also like the circular layout and think it could be interesting to do a timeline in this way instead of just a straight line. If possible I would like to try and make a moving timeline to try and improve my skills in this field.

Despite this graphic being successful at showing a large amount of information, there are still some corrections to be made. Firstly, the data has a very minimal aesthetic, however, I don’t think this represents Bowie’s vibrant personality. Also, the distances between the years has not been measured accurately so it isn’t a precise timeline. There are some visual issues due to the text being so small, I will try to print it on a large scale to resolve this issue. I have incorporated colours associated with Ziggy to bring some character through but it could be greatly improved to be more appealing.

In hindsight I am not happy with the final outcome of this data visualisation. Because of the amount of information on the page it its not engaging for the audience. Even if printed on a large piece of paper it is still an overwhelming amount of information. If I where to do this again i would cut down on the amount of information or do something like a website to make it more interactive.

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