Create a zine. The name, content, design and subject matter. When selecting a subject pick something with scope that is interesting enough to fill 16 pages.

A zine is most commonly a small circulation, self published work of original or appropriated texts and images. Usually zines are the product of a person, or a small group. Zines first emerged in the United States, where the photocopier was invented.

I decided to create a zine about the shop I work in. There are many interesting people and scenarios that occur that I would like to share. I think a lot of people my age work in customer service and would find the zine relatable.

The main influence for my zine was ‘oh dear god there is a cardboard box on my head’ by Michael Floysand. The zine is simple, with illustrations on one page and an explanation on the other. I feel like this would be a good layout for my zine as I want to show the scenario and then will exlain why this has happened

I like the simple but comedic nature of Floysand’s zine. I think that this would work for mine as I do the same mundane things every shift but funny things happen that make it interesting.

I began this project using a mix of photography, type and illustration. However the outcome was ‘cold’ and didn’t have the atmosphere of a village shop that a small village shop has. Everyone knows everyone else and there is a real sense of community. I struggled to show this in my zine. I chose to do a simplistic layout with bright colours as it felt more lively and fun. It is a fun place to work. 

I tried to show peoples characters by using different fonts. For example the man on the left is boring and talks too much about nothing in particular. Therefore I used Helvetica and made the text go outside the speech bubble to show how much he talks.

For the text where it is from my perspective I have used Lawson. This font is small and looks hand written showing that I am quiet.

Overall I believe this is my weakest project. I had a lot of potential to create something very interesting with this brief as I enjoy creative projects. I didn’t develop it enough and I feel this shows in the final piece.

'a lot of people wear dressing gowns in the shop'

If I where to do this project again I would expand on the characters that i discuss in the zine. I think this would make the zine more personal and the audience would engage with it more. Furthermore i would like to have been more experimental with the layout and challenge myself more.

My favourite piece in the zine is ‘shelf stack’. I found it interesting to create words using tin shaped cylinders. I wish I explored this concept more to create some interesting type. Maybe make words out of products in sections of the shop.

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