Meal Kit Branding

Create a new brand for a meal kit that meets the needs of your audience providing a quick and simple solution too cooking healthy and freshly prepared food.

When starting this project I wanted to create a vegan food box or a food box aimed to help people with pre-diabetes change their lifestyle. I chose to do a vegan food box as I could be more creative with the branding. A medical based food box would be very clinical not giving me much space to be more experimental.

Vegans are stereotyped as being “preachy” about animal rights. Therefore for this project I didn’t want the veganism aspect to be the main focus of the food box. I chose to create a fun, urban, punk aesthetic that would appeal to young audiences. I was inspired by I wanted the vegan food box to be fun and have an urban feel. restaurants in London like temple of seitan or the chef king cook daily. These brands embrace urban culture whilst creating vegan food. I like the play on words of “temple of seitan” this concept is what inspired my food box name “hangry”. This also appeals to youth culture.

My main source of research for this project was hello fresh. Being a popular food box that I have heard advertised on podcasts aimed at people my age I thought this would be a good choice to get inspiration from. Hello fresh is a playful brand, using greens to promote healthy food but a minimalist recipe card and website style to show the simplicity of the process.

The recipe cards are informative including facts and information on timings and nutrition. The white space helps the user to learn how to cook without being overwhelmed by the amount of information. Also I thought the large image would be important to include in my own recipe card as the user then knows what the meal should look like.

When researching vegan brands i found they use green to emphasise the plant only diet. This influenced me to use a green fruit or vegetable in my branding.

I liked the idea of a mouth shouting or showing its teeth as it demonstrates the angry part of the branding or someone about to eat something. However on its own it wouldn’t be associated with a vegan brand. Therefore i chose to use an avocado as it is a popular food at the moment and shows that it is a plant based brand. Also the ‘cartoon’ style immediately shows this is a fun brand and would appeal to younger audiences.

This is the business card. I didn’t realise that people would have personalised business cards depending on their role at a company. I didn’t consider this for my last branding project (premium eye wear). I believe this shows how i am improving and my understanding of branding has progressed.

These are mock ups of the recipe card. I tried to focus more on the typographical details. for example using grids, making sure everything is in line and the same distance apart. Furthermore I focused on actually reading the text and showing the hierarchy by having some text larger or different colours depending on the importance. This is something I am trying to improve on as I believe it is a skill I need to develop

This the food box mock up. I incorporated the brand colours but I feel that in hindsight I could have developed the design by being more experimental.

These are the posters for the brand. At first I didn’t realise that for a set on posters all the text needs to be in the same position to show they are a set. Whilst i like the posters and they represent the brand, I would have preferred to use my own images. If i was to re do this project i would prefer to use all my own work instead of images from other sources as I don’t feel I have used my skills effectively in these.

This is my final app. I feel the same way about the images as I do with the posters and website. Whilst they are successful at showing the fun, alternative attitude of my branding they are not my images.

My main source of research on the brand was hello fresh. I found that app design differs from the web design. I had to consider the size of the buttons and the space around them. This is around 44px. I realised if the buttons where too close they would be ‘un-clickable’. Furthermore the ‘hello fresh’ app assumes you are already subscribed and know the process so you just follow a step by step guide. Also something i didn’t realise was the panels at the top and bottom need to be small as they are on every page and could get annoying.


This is a mock up of the website. I found the website the most challenging part of the branding. it difficult to make the website fit in with the rest of the branding. I learnt simple website building which is something I didn’t think I would be able to do. Whilst I found it difficult it was a good experience and helped me understand dream weaver and how websites work. 

Overall, I found this project very challenging but I think that I have learnt a lot and have greatly improved my abilities. I think that branding is one of my weakest skills. This project has taught me many skills for example website building, type setting, and professional business card design.

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