communicating without words

Read the news, look for a story that interests you. When you’ve found your news story create a ‘poster without words’ that communicates the story you have chosen.


Toby Leigh has inspired this project as he uses humour in his illustrations. I have used Leigh’s (tobatrons) illustrations for a previous project, however, those where more focused on his infographic pieces whilst this is more focused on his illustrations. I like the use of block bright colours and wanted to use this idea in my illustrations.

For this project, we had to create a poster based on a new story. I chose an article about McDonald’s fries containing a chemical that could prevent/ cure hair loss. My ideas included illustrations of men eating chips and consequently they grow a beard and hair. However, I also saw an article about Donald Trump on a plane and his comb-over not being successful. Donald Trump is a prevalent topic on the internet and in the news. Therefore, I chose to combine both articles and create humorous illustrations. 

The first illustration is more successful than the second, however, I think the second explains the concept better. I hope to create more illustrations in the future as I found this project fun to do.

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