End of year review

This post describes my experience on the first year of the graphic design foundation degree.

Previous to starting this course I had no experience of graphic design. I had dropped out of university and I was struggling to find a career path I could follow. When starting the course I noticed the lack of experience I had compared to my peers, however I feel that I have improved over the course of the first year due to challenging briefs and the determination to make something of myself. I believe my progression is shown through my work as I begin to understand how to use the software and the theory behind graphic design. Whilst my technical skills are still lacking I believe that if I continue with the intent on a career in this field, I can improve even more in the second year.

Whilst my idea generation was the strongest asset during this year, I want to improve my execution skills. In the second year I would like to be able to make more corporate/professional/commercial work which would help me get a job. Now that I have a basic understanding of the software I feel that I need to improve on these weaknesses so that I am a more ‘all round’ designer. Whilst being creative is important¬† I want to be able to have a career in the industry. This -more than likely- will be more corporate and less experimental.

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