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Create a instructions or a series of events that is explained without using words. Instructions need to be instantly understandable. Consider scale, dynamics, colour, realism, simplification, etc.

The series of events I have chosen to use it how to bleed a radiator. However, I decided to use the play on words to show actual blood instead of water. I took a lot of inspiration from Tobatron, an illustrator from London who makes funny diagrams. Furthermore, I took the joke further by showing a blood transfusion graphic in the final panel. I think this was a successful project as I wanted to make an instruction guide that was unexpected and unconventional but still fulfilled the brief. However, if I were to do this project again I would do more research on the type and colours used in info graphics, and the effect these have on the reader, this is because i also had a funny instruction guide to making cocktails but at the time I struggled to use type to convey a certain characteristic. Looking back I know this is something I can now do.


As I wanted to create an amusing info-graphic I chose to research Tobatron. He uses very simple illustrations with few colours to create quite a boring image. However, this makes the scenario more amusing as it looks like an outdated info-graphic (like the safety manuals on airplanes). Furthermore, most of the scenarios in his illustrations are unusual and don’t make much sense. It is this peculiar and dark humor that made me admire in his work. I started out with just bleeding the radiator but chose to further it with the blood transfusion as his work inspired me to push the infographic to be more bizarre.

From this research, I realised that info-graphics can be displayed in a myriad of ways for many different audiences. As this is the first info-graphic I have created, this research helped me understand that I don’t have to think ‘inside-the-box’ when it comes to a brief and an unexpected outcome is more interesting and enjoyable to create. I hope in projects next semester I can manipulate a project to make it humorous and unexpected as I found this project entertaining

After looking back on the project, I decided to make the piece into a concertina fold brochure. I thought that having the graphic on a poster gave away the outcome to quickly as the eye is drawn to the red. So by making a brochure the end is revealed later making it more amusing. Furthermore, it is more practical and could be used as instructions more effectively as a brochure. This is also why I attached a radiator key to the concertina so that it is ready for use. I thought about putting it in a blood bag so all the equipment is ready for the individual to use, but this gives away the punch line too quickly.

I struggled making the concertina, deciding the width each section needed to be so it folded neatly and scoring to make neat folds are skills i need to improve. It was a good experience and will help me for future projects.

Overall this has been one of my favourite projects. When first looking at the brief I thought I would be unable to make an instruction guide ‘fun’. I never expected this outcome and hope that in future projects I can stretch the brief to create an unexpected final piece like this one.

When we did this project at the start of the year, i didn’t know how to use the pen tool. It is nice to see how i have progressed and I know that if i where to do this again it would be a lot cleaner and take me a lot less time.

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