premium eyewear

Brand a premium eye wear store for customers with a high disposable income who appreciate quality. There is a growing trend for a personal experience in independent stores. The store should have its own personality conveyed through the branding.


When researching Opticians branding I researched Cubitts. Whilst being a fashionable London brand, the value of the products is craftsmanship and the skill it takes to make high-quality glasses, also the store is referred to as a ‘workshop’. The website shows images of the glasses in the process of being made and emphasizes using the ‘finest materials’. Furthermore, they are tailored to suit you as you can pick the material and thickness of the frames. However, despite the focus on the manufacturing, the logo is very minimalist. The logo is based on the hinges on the actual glasses. This inspired me to use an aspect of the glasses in my logo design. Also, the typeface is capitalised and serif, this gives the impression of a sophisticated high-end brand whilst still being fashionable. I found from this research that when designing a high-end brand, less is more.


For this project, we had to brand a premium eyewear store for customers with a high disposable income. I have never done branding before, so I was unsure what to expect or how to approach the brief. I chose the name ‘Bridges’ as this is part of the glasses frame. This is also how the logo idea was generated. I found this project challenging and I struggled to convey an expensive, high-quality brand using type. However, I think the outcome was successful due to researching into other high-end brands. My research showed me that a minimalist approach would be best for expensive eyewear. This project helped me understand that type can convey much more than just the logo. I was unaware how different typefaces can represent the brand values companies have. Due to this, I chose an uppercase sans serif font, I felt that this conveyed modern, high-end glasses. Furthermore, bridges are strong structures, so I chose a capitalised font. This conveys strength which is an important brand value as customers want quality products.


When looking back on this project i found that the business card and letterhead where not fitting with the minimalist style. Therefore i have redesigned them to fit better with the branding. I feel that this simplistic approach conveys more elegance than using the diagonal lines. Whilst it is very simple it fits better with the brand due to this

This is a poster for Bridges. The illustration is by Frederic Forest. I like the simplicity of the posters as it continues the theme in the brand. However in hindsight if I had more time I would have liked to create my own illustrations instead of using an artists.

Overall, I believe this has been a successful project. As the first ‘business’ branding i have done i believe the logo and design conveys the minimalist, expensive sophistication that I wanted the brand to have. This is one of the few projects I have done this year that I could imagine being used in the ‘real world’. I struggle with more corporate, professional design. However this shows I can do it. Creating more commercial design is definitely a skill I need to improve to be successful in the field of work.

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