Tolerance poster

Design a poster for the London Underground to promote tolerance. The posters are sponsored by Transport for London (TFL) and will be placed around the underground stations to encourage people to think about tolerance and how they treat different members of society.

Tolerance is very much needed in society, a London underground poster is a great way to share this message as many people use the underground.


When developing my tolerance poster, the United Nations posters inspired me. Despite being simplistic they are clever and get the message across. This is what I wanted to achieve with my poster. The UN poster denotes a blue background and the words peace and war. The dove is used on UN posters as it symbolises love and peace. Furthermore, the juxtaposing words ‘peace’ and ‘war’ are on opposite sides of the poster. War is the antithesis of peace; the poster is suggesting that we should put work into making peace instead of fighting. This is represented by the dove moving the ‘A’, this suggests the dove represents the UN and can aid people to make peace out of a war. This strengthens the UNs values of creating a peaceful world from a world of suffering.

This poster encouraged me to use the value of togetherness and making one object turn into another. This is helped me come up with the idea of using sentences to create a face. Furthermore, these posters use blue as the background colour. I also chose to do this in my design as it has connotations of peace and calm which is what my poster is trying to convey

When looking at the concept of tolerance there were lots of approaches I could have taken. I thought of the idea of civil engineering and the weight tolerance certain structures can take. The concept of building up a drug or alcohol tolerance, or tolerating an abusive relationship. Furthermore, I looked at the idea of tolerating lots of different cultures or groups of people. I displayed this idea by making a list of different people and putting them in a bracket ‘}’ which I realised looks like a face. I also thought about the idea of building tolerance and structures that are under pressure. This was visualised with the idea of the structure of the NHS being under pressure. However, I decided to develop the curly bracket idea. The final piece shows the phrase ‘be different together’ written in different languages in the shape of a face. I think this is a successful poster for the London underground as London is a culturally diverse place but at the same time, everyone is the same. For example, going to work, raising children etc. Whilst we may be from very different backgrounds and cultures we are all people. People in London all probably have a similar goal, happiness, career, friendship, family. These are some of the things that make us human despite our backgrounds. To improve this project, I made the spacing between the text even. However, now looking back on the project I would have liked the shadow of the face to be a smooth line. From this project, I have learned the importance of developing ideas and continuing to evolve an image to create a strong piece of graphic design. I hope to use this technique in all my projects.